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Dr. Alain Coppel also said, “NSS utilized Hyde Park Capital to streamline the process of aligning with a strategic partner. The Company was ready to grow and needed a national advisory group to accomplish its goals. The Hyde Park team was well-versed in navigating the progression of a transaction and made it an absolute ease. The team was savvy, knowledgeable, and experienced, making the process seamless.”

Nevada Surgical Suites

Dr. Alain Coppel

Chief Medical Officer

“Hyde Park Capital played an instrumental role in negotiating, structuring, and closing this transaction for our shareholders. We could not be more pleased with the firm’s dedication to this deal and its ability to help get it done.”


Mike Traina

CEO, MDT Personnel

“Working with Hyde Park Capital was wonderful. They presented our company to a focused group of qualified buyers in our industry in a very quick fashion. They delivered what they promised, and we achieved the outcome we hoped for. I highly recommend Hyde Park and would clearly use their services again.”


Phillip Powell

CEO, DenCor Management Services

“Hyde Park Capital was very instrumental in helping us locate our target company and close the transaction all in under a two-month period. From inception to close, their services were invaluable.”


Bob Kouwe

CEO, Bell

Hyde Park Capital played an instrumental role in negotiating, structuring, and closing this transaction. We could not be more pleased with the firm’s dedication to this deal and their ability to help get this to the finish line. Their meticulous attention to detail, proactive approach, and unwavering commitment were crucial in navigating the complexities of the deal. Their expertise and strategic insights added immense value, ensuring a successful outcome. We are grateful for their invaluable contribution and appreciated their guidance throughout our journey.

Data Age

Tom Streng

CEO of Data Age

"In 2020, our CEO and I found ourselves sitting on a buyer’s offer to acquire Electric Supply.  Our recently hired M&A attorney introduced us to Hyde Park Capital.  Our bank’s president made it clear that with Hyde Park Capital, we were partnering with an excellent investment bank which was going to take great care of us.

Hyde Park honored our request to handle our need in a confidential manner as they set out to find potential buyers who understood our business, would provide a good return to our family shareholders and provide a good future for our entire team.  With Hyde Park’s guidance, we thoroughly and quickly reviewed three offers and decided to sign a LOI with the private equity group that checked all the boxes (familiarity with our industry, financing in place, stability for our team and a strong offer with minimal contingencies).

Within a month of our closing target date, it appeared the process might stall.  Hyde Park would not allow it and pushed to keep the process moving.  Thanks to Hyde Park’s resolve, we closed a day earlier than expected.  The Hyde Park staff was professional, courteous and willing to work regardless of where or when needed. The bottom line is we completed a deal that was beyond our family’s expectations and provided the best path forward for Electric Supply’s entire team."


George Adams

Co-Founder, Ex-President & CEO, Electric Supply

“After 40 years of building a tremendous company independently, Suzy and I realized in order to take the company to the next level, we needed a large strategic partner to help expand our services. The high demand and continued expected growth put our current resources to the test, so we engaged Hyde Park Capital to find the right partner to help us. We are incredibly thankful to have had Hyde Park help us with this process and excited to be partnered with LTP."

Acree Plumbing, Air & Electric Logo

Vic Trino


“We enjoyed working with Hyde Park Capital and appreciated their M&A expertise in the technology services sector and their help on this important transaction.”


Chris Toepke

CEO, Trifecta

From the outset, Hyde Park Capital demonstrated an unparalleled level of expertise and dedication to our process. They understood our company's competitive advantage in healthcare and tailored a strategy that aligned perfectly with our goals. Their approach was not just about raising capital; it was about finding the right investors who shared our vision and ensured that our interests were always front and center.


Jim Boswell

CEO, OnPoint Healthcare Partners

“The success of FGC is directly related to the quality and character of our workforce. Joining the Primoris Family will greatly enhance our ability to expand in our current market and provide outstanding service to our customers. We also want to thank the Hyde Park Capital team for helping us to identify the best suitable partner that would take our company to a higher level. During negotiations my partner David Runyon and I appreciated Hyde Park Capital’s professionalism and how they diligently resolved issues. We know that we made the right decision.”


Kevin Bohne

President, Florida Gas

“We are pleased to find an excellent strategic buyer … for our company and one where there are compelling synergies that will benefit both our customers and our employees going forward. The Hyde Park bankers helped originate, negotiate, and structure this transaction for us, were great to work with and provided valuable assistance as we navigated through various deal issues that arose during the process.”


Dori Rath

President, Nelco

Scott Nowicki, Vice President of All Claims, said “Hyde Park Capital was one of six investment banking firms that we interviewed for this very important sale-of-company transaction. They set the bar high and were the right fit for our needs to move forward, so we decided to engage them which led to the very successful transaction with Roebling.”


Scott Nowicki

Vice President, All Claims Repairs

“Hyde Park Capital was key in our pursuit of a meaningful and impactful investor and partner for our business,” said Dr. Sam Toney, founder and CEO, Toney Healthcare Consulting. “The team demonstrated unswerving professionalism and expertise throughout the course of our due diligence and eventual transaction. We at Toney HealthCare Consulting would like to formally thank the Hyde Park team for their determination and dedication in driving our process to a most successful outcome. Our endeavor would not have been possible without Hyde Park Capital.”

Toney Healthcare Consulting Logo

Dr. Sam Toney

Founder and CEO, Toney Healthcare Consulting

“We are pleased to find an excellent strategic buyer … for our company and one where there are compelling synergies that will benefit both our customers and our employees going forward. The Hyde Park bankers helped originate, negotiate, and structure this transaction for us, were great to work with and provided valuable assistance as we navigated through various deal issues that arose during the process.”


Fran Bartlett

CEO, Federal Liaison Services

“With the highly skilled Hyde Park Capital team representing our company we were successful in presenting to the target market and completing a transaction.”


Principal Shareholders

TMS Management

“We were pleased with the work of Hyde Park Capital on our behalf. Their assistance in managing and helping us close this important private equity financing with a high quality and prestigious investor group, in a particularly difficult market environment, was very meaningful.”


Ashley Campbell

CEO, V3 Systems

“Our company is excited about the opportunities with our new partner. The synergies between our two companies will accelerate Dealer Wizard’s growth, profitability, and introduction of product enhancements that will benefit both our customers and employees."


Ross Bauer

COO, Dealer Wizard

“Given the tremendous amount of changes currently going on in the healthcare business, it was important for Women’s Care Florida to find the right partner to enable our company to take advantage of the opportunities created by the disruption in the market. We chose Hyde Park capital after an extensive national search for an investment banker. Looking back after the deal is closed, Hyde Park Capital was absolutely the right choice. They studied our company, helped us find the right strategic partner and were involved throughout the entire course of the deal, from the early stages of negotiations to the closing. The entire staff at Hyde Park capital worked diligently to educate us through the process and achieve the highest valuation for our company. They delivered on every promise they made. Their level of professionalism, knowledge of the market and accessibility were outstanding.”



Ignacio Armas, M.D.

Chairman, Women’s Care Florida

“Completing this transaction to such a high-quality buyer was a major achievement for us. We greatly appreciate the efforts of Hyde Park Capital who helped us every step of the way through the sales process and delivered a buyer with terms that were very attractive to our shareholders.”


Ted Tarone

CEO, Prostate Services of America

“We interviewed several investment bankers before selecting Hyde Park as our banker of choice over many well-known and established firms. We were looking for a boutique firm that would provide us with individual attention and Hyde Park delivered. Their marketing was outstanding, and they put us in touch with some of the best Private Equity and Strategic Buyers in our space. I could not have asked for a more professional team to help us through our final close. They did it all as well as help us find not only a quality equity buyer but a strong banker to help with our Debt side financing as well. I would most highly recommend Hyde Park to anyone looking for someone to help them with the sale of their company. Definitely a five-star firm!”


Bill Laughlin

CEO, Orion Int’l

“We know that we could not have accomplished the successful sale of our company without the Hyde Park team. Everyone we worked with was professional, diligent, hardworking, and knowledgeable. We felt right from the beginning that they understood our business and the waste industry and that they would be able to negotiate intelligently on our behalf. Hyde Park Capital was able to create significant interest in our company which, in turn, attracted more strategic buyers to the table than we expected. With their assistance, we were able to carefully examine the offers that were made. It was with their guidance and expertise that we were able to select the final offer and know that it would be the most beneficial transaction for us. We know that we made the right choice when we contracted Hyde Park Capital to market our business.”


Linda Polly

President, Uhel Polly Group

“We appreciate the support of the investment bankers at Hyde Park Capital to bring this sale transaction to a successful conclusion. Their expertise, network of contacts and persistent attention to the details and mechanics were invaluable throughout the process.”


Allen Thomas

President, MaxxAir Vent

“We appreciate the hard work of Hyde Park Capital in arranging this financing for us in a very difficult private equity market.”


Robert Rubin

President, Litestream Technologies

"We are immensely grateful to Hyde Park Capital for their instrumental role in facilitating this transaction. Their expertise, guidance, and industry knowledge were pivotal in achieving an exceptional outcome for us. ”


Alan Harvill

CEO and President of EMI Industries

"We appreciate Hyde Park’s diligent work and efforts on our behalf to help us identify and close, during the COVID pandemic, a successful transaction that helps us begin to accomplish our long-term goals. We are excited to partner with Mike Drai and Justin Marku at Rising Point Capital and look forward to continued success growing the PirTano business together."


Mike Piraino, Joe Pantano and Jack Horn

Ownership Team, PirTano Construction

“We thank Hyde Park Capital for its help and advice while working with Bonds.com Group, Inc. throughout the process leading up to this important transaction for us.”


George O’Krepkie

President, Bonds.com

Dr. Patrick Anastasio, said “The Hyde Park team was intricate in finding ECID the best deal. Their professional experience and knowledge helped us navigate through the process, which at times was arduous. Josh, John, and the rest of the HPC team were there with us every step of the way and we would recommend them to any physician practice contemplating a partnership. We are extremely grateful for their services and so glad we chose HPC to be our investment banker.”

Emerald Coast Infectious Disease Logo

Dr. Patrick Anastasio

Medical Officer Supervisor

“We are pleased on the successful sale … and appreciate Hyde Park Capital’s assistance on this important transaction.”


Steve Lux

Director, Cylex Systems

“We are very pleased that Hyde Park Capital has been able to secure this round of funding for us. It will allow us to aggressively move to the next level – to add to our suite of software applications and to respond more rapidly to our existing customers’ and prospects’ needs.”


Steve Hann

CEO, Decision Management Int’l

“We very much appreciated the assistance of Hyde Park Capital on this strategic acquisition for ITE. Their M&A experience was quite helpful to our team and the overall process and assured the deal was well executed and we got it closed on schedule.”


Scott Dols

CEO, Industrial Truck & Equipment

“Hyde Park Capital did an amazing job of helping VITAL understand the market, our valuation, and find the right company to acquire VITAL Network Services, Inc. I had very high standards for being acquired including not only a premium price, but also a safe landing for the employees of VITAL and a situation that would make sense to our clients. Hyde Park found the perfect Company in Vology and helped us throughout the process in meeting all my requirements. I could not have asked for a better conclusion.”


John Koehler

CEO, Vital Network Services

“We appreciate the support of the investment bankers at Hyde Park Capital to bring this sale transaction to a successful conclusion. Their expertise, network of contacts in the business community and persistent attention to the details and mechanics were invaluable throughout the process.”


Wallace Ruiz

CFO, Inuvo

Partners Dr. Michael Cushing and Dr. David Heinsch stated regarding the transaction, “We are excited about our new alliance with Surgery Partners. They will be a great strategic partner for us as we continue to grow our practice. Together, we will build on our platform of ‘orthopedic excellence and exceptional care’ and continue serving the needs of our patients and our community.”


Dr. Michael Cushing and Dr. David Heinsch

Georgia Bone & Joint

When asked about Hyde Park’s role in the transaction, Darren Letang, Owner and CEO of Dietzgen, stated “As I started the process to sell my business that I founded 32 years ago, it was clear to me that John Hill and his team at Hyde Park was the right choice to represent Dietzgen. They understood the importance of finding the right fit in a short time frame. From start to finish, their experience and professionalism played an important role in achieving my goals. I could not have done it without them! A special thank you to John, Chris and Josh.”


Darren Letang

Owner and CEO, Dietzgen Corporation

"Thank you for all your diligent and dedicated work you provided the Company since we started the process. It was greatly appreciated by myself and the rest of the management team. I don't know that I have another business relationship with someone that conducts him or herself with the same degree of professionalism, knowledge, mannerism and just general kindness as you possess. It's really been a pleasure working with you and who knows, we may again."


Randy Gordon

President, Paradise Plastics, Inc.

“We greatly appreciate the efforts of Hyde Park Capital who helped us throughout the entire transaction process and played a key role in the successful sale of Advanced Diagnostic” commented Amir Glogau, President and CEO of Advanced Diagnostic. “Hyde Park Capital’s level of professionalism and commitment from inception to close far exceeded my expectations.”


Amir Glogau

CEO, Advanced Diagnostic

“We are greatly appreciative of the guidance provided by the team at Hyde Park Capital. Their expertise and dedication were instrumental in facilitating this transaction, which marks a pivotal moment in our Company’s journey."

Accuhealth_Logo (1)-1-1

Bob Deveros

CFO and Co-Founder of Accuhealth

“We couldn’t be more pleased by the result of the process that Hyde Park Capital managed for us. Joining forces with True will provide HTI, now the True Climate Practice, with the resources necessary to meet the growing demands of the market.”


Andy Towne

CEO & Founding Partner, Hobbs & Towne

“As a family-owned company with 60 years of superior service to the industry, the decision to sell was a very difficult, emotional hurdle for third generation Mariani stockholders. As expected, the staff at Hyde Park Capital worked very hard to produce the product, but their greatest contribution was their helpfulness and sensitivity to these issues which played a key role in bridging this gap.”


George Mariani, Jr.

President, E.A. Mariani Asphalt

“We appreciate the assistance of the investment bankers at Hyde Park Capital on this sale transaction. In a difficult economy and in challenging financial markets for consumer product manufacturers like Zickgraf, whose products are tied to residential construction, Hyde Park successfully marketed our company and helped us conclude an attractive sale to a strong, blue chip strategic buyer. This was an important deal to me and my family, to our Zickgraf employees and to the Franklin, North Carolina community, and I am optimistic that Shaw will be a great corporate owner going forward to the future benefit of both Zickgraf and Franklin.”


F.P. Bodenheimer, Jr.

CEO, Zickgraf Hardwood Flooring

“Quintessential professionalism sums up Vology’s experience in partnering with Hyde Park. From the depth of relationships, they bring to the table, to the miniscule details of the paperwork nothing but the height of proficiency was exhibited. Their roots in the world of finance and their network of contacts sets Hyde Park apart and assured that our capital raise process was a success.”


Barry Shevlin

CEO, Vology

“We are very pleased to have found a company in Aerocare that truly values its employees and has a growth-oriented culture. We believe our employees and business is in very good hands and will continue to prosper. Working with a professional team at Hyde Park Capital who really understood what we were trying to accomplish, made all the difference.”


Billy Keel

Partner, Matrix Medical

"Hyde Park's team of professionals exceeded my expectations throughout the process.  Their experience and sound counsel resulted in a successful transaction that was smooth for all parties.  Their reputation, which led me to them, is well deserved, real and proved to be extremely valuable.  I do not hesitate to recommend them and would trust them with my future engagements."


Frank McColm

President of FCMC, LLC

"We approached Hyde Park Capital with a transaction we knew would have some challenges. From the start of our engagement through closing, the team was able to find creative solutions to those challenges in addition to a few that were unexpected. Their technical backgrounds and ability to quickly understand the details of our business, products and technology was in invaluable asset in the process. Their responsiveness, professionalism and candid advice drawing on their wealth of experience made my job easier and working with them made the process more enjoyable."


Matt Latrick

General Counsel for the Americas, Morgan Advanced Materials

“We thank the Hyde Park Capital team for their assistance and advice in consummating both of these important transactions for Empower.”


Seth Bernstein

CEO, Empower Software

“After many years of independence, our company got to the point where we needed a large strategic partner to help us grow to a whole new level, said Howard Millian, Founder and Co-CEO with his wife Susan Millian. “We had demand for our services that were well beyond our ability and resources to handle on our own. So, we decided to engage Hyde Park Capital to find the right partner/buyer to help us. Hyde Park quickly found BGIS and we could not be more thrilled with our decision to partner with BGIS and grow our HVAC company nationally while also helping BGIS expand its facilities management services throughout the U.S.”


Howard Millian

Founder and Co-CEO, Millian-Aire Air Conditioning & Heating

“The entire staff at Hyde Park Capital worked hard to close our deal. The level of professionalism, personal attention, and timely responses to all issues as they arose during the entire process was great.”


Bob Beard

President, EnviroCap

“The sale process of any entity large or small requires a 100% commitment by all members of the team to effectively execute a transaction. Hyde Park Capital was truly a committed, professional partner from the beginning until the end of our transaction. Hyde Park Capital always kept our motivations and goals as the number one priority. As such, the team’s professionalism and experience drove value at every phase of the transaction.”


Bruce Livingston

President, Boyd Industries

“Hyde Park Capital has a long history of guiding the negotiations on business transactions and satisfying customers’ objectives. Selling my company after 30 years was momentous for me. I needed an investment bank I could trust to ensure a successful outcome. I couldn’t be happier thanks to the Hyde Park team. The positive outcome was a direct result of the hard work and professionalism made on my behalf. Throughout all phases of the sale process right up until the closing, there was attention given to every aspect of the transaction.”


Ralph Jordan

CEO, Trident Health

“We were very pleased with the expertise the Hyde Park Capital team in marketing and concluding our strategic transaction. The knowledge of the strategic and financial markets and their ability to present our company and to coach us through the transaction was very impressive.”


Richard Sanchez

CEO, Advantica Eyecare

“We are very pleased with … Hyde Park Capital in arranging this financing for us.”


Ami Utji

CEO, Pilgrim Software

“We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the sale of SunAir Services to Massey Services. We thank Hyde Park Capital for their excellent investment banking advice and services over the past 15 months. Hyde Park helped the Company evaluate the acquisition interest from Massey Services and fully supported the Board in its efforts to maximize shareholder value for all of SunAir’s shareholders.”


Rick Rochon

Chairman, SunAir Services

"When we were looking for someone to help us take the company to the next level, we tapped into our network to find someone to help us get find that perfect partner. Michael Johnson and the Hyde Park Team came highly recommended from our respected friends that had successfully exited a prior company with the help of Michael and his team. So, we decided to partner with Hyde Park Capital and couldn’t be happier with the result. The HPC team was there every step of the way and couldn’t have found us a better partner. We are so appreciative of Michael and his team and extremely excited about our path forward.”


Brian Kaskavalciyan

Co-Founder & CEO

"After 41 years of pioneering our families dream of building a great business, we are proud to announce the next big step forward for the company. We are partnering with an experienced group of dedicated individuals at Union Capital to continue the passion and vision going forward. Hyde Park Capital has certainly exceeded our expectations – very high-caliber expertise and perfect communication at every turn helped us every step of the way in deciding on the perfect match for our family’s goals for the future of the company. We could not be more thrilled with the prospects for our families and our business. The synergies created by this new development will certainly turbo boost our company, and we are honored to have our CEO continue to pilot the ship day-to-day with the continued support of our team."


Food Products Business

"When this process started, we gave Hyde Park Capital a broad mandate to find an investment partner or strategic acquirer who would be a good cultural fit for DTS and would help us to better serve our customers. Hyde Park’s team guided us through the process, providing us with a number of high-quality counterparties, and supported us through the transaction structuring, negotiation and due diligence. We are very pleased with the outcome and excited for the future of DTS.”


Allen Ibaugh

CEO, Data Transfer Solutions

“We are truly pleased with Hyde Park Capital’s assistance in securing the best outcome for our shareholders and clients. Their hard work and expertise were assets to the transaction process.”


Rob Roberson

Director, Ablest

“We are very pleased to close this significant transaction and partner with Warburg Pincus to help us accelerate the growth of Blue Grace. We also appreciate Hyde Park Capital’s efforts and assistance in this important deal.”


Bobby Harris

CEO, Blue Grace Logistics

“We appreciate the experience, professionalism and resolve of Hyde Park Capital in concluding our financing transaction with Credit Suisse and Capitala. We operate in a rapidly changing healthcare environment and this relationship bridged by Hyde Park Capital positions ACS to focus on our continued growth strategy, future opportunities, and diversification of our business model for many years.”


Roger Brown

CEO, American Clinical Solutions

Jan Greenwood, Ph.D., Partner, President, and CEO of Greenwood/Asher said “When considering the possibility of selling our company and identifying an investment banking firm that could excel at matchmaking us with possible buyers, Hyde Park Capital was highly recommended to us by our wealth advisors at Merrill Lynch. One of the most important considerations for us was a firm that understood and valued our company’s culture, uniqueness in our specialized industry, brand, and the legacy we have created for our employees, affiliates, and clients.  John Hill and his team at Hyde Park Capital demonstrated incredible patience and guidance, creativity, and focus and completed a sale during the Covid-19 crisis. We are probably one of a limited number of companies that completed all aspects of a sale without the buyers and sellers meeting in person and accomplishing everything through technology including Zoom and MS Teams meetings. This speaks to Hyde Park’s team being effective in establishing trust for everyone involved, their business competence, the art of deal making, and human relationship skills.”


Jan Greenwood, Ph.D.

Partner, President, and CEO, Greenwood/Asher

“We are excited to partner with Gores and Platinum as we enter the next chapter in our history. We appreciate Hyde Park Capital’s efforts working with us to bring this deal together with two of the most well-regarded technology focused private equity investment firms in the country. Our employees, customers and partners will all benefit from the significant capital and experience that this new partnership brings to Data Blue. This investment allows us to double down on customer service while expanding our product offering.”


Stephen Ayoub

CEO, Data Blue

Jason Caras, CEO & Co-Founder of ITA commented, “We are extremely excited about the business combination of ITA and WidePoint. We believe under WidePoint we will have more resources and be able to provide greater support and additional services to our growing customer base. We very much appreciate the help of Hyde Park Capital over the past several years as our investment banker and financial advisor. HPC helped us in numerous discussions with different potential partners and investors, as we evaluated different strategic alternatives, leading up to us selecting WidePoint as our go-forward partner. They have been very professional, knowledgeable, and easy to work with, and we look forward to a continued relationship with the Hyde Park Capital team including John Hill and Matt Gladdish, as we move forward.”


Jason Caras

CEO & Co-Founder, IT Authorities

Don Patterson, founder and CEO of Ascend Wireless Networks said, “When we decided to entertain the sale of the Company, we interviewed numerous investment banks and are very pleased with our selection of Hyde Park as our investment banker. Hyde Park Capital played a key role and was an important financial advisor helping Ascend negotiate and structure the best deal possible for the Company and its partners. The Hyde Park team demonstrated incredible knowledge and expertise throughout the course of our eventual transaction, and we greatly appreciate their efforts on our behalf.”

Ascend Wireless Logo

Mr. Don Patterson

Founder and CEO of Ascend Wireless Networks