“In 2020, our CEO and I found ourselves sitting on a buyer’s offer to acquire Electric Supply.  Our recently hired M&A attorney introduced us to Hyde Park Capital.  Our bank’s president made it clear that with Hyde Park Capital, we were partnering with an excellent investment bank which was going to take great care of us.

Hyde Park honored our request to handle our need in a confidential manner as they set out to find potential buyers who understood our business, would provide a good return to our family shareholders and provide a good future for our entire team.  With Hyde Park’s guidance, we thoroughly and quickly reviewed three offers and decided to sign a LOI with the private equity group that checked all the boxes (familiarity with our industry, financing in place, stability for our team and a strong offer with minimal contingencies).

Within a month of our closing target date, it appeared the process might stall.  Hyde Park would not allow it and pushed to keep the process moving.  Thanks to Hyde Park’s resolve, we closed a day earlier than expected.  The Hyde Park staff was professional, courteous and willing to work regardless of where or when needed. The bottom line is we completed a deal that was beyond our family’s expectations and provided the best path forward for Electric Supply’s entire team.”