Jagged Peak

Jagged Peak, a privately held software and services company headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, provides enterprise commerce management (ECM) solutions. The company’s proprietary E-business Dynamic Global Engineä (“EDGE”) software platform is completely web-based, enabling companies to control and coordinate distributed orders, inventory, and fulfillment across multiple customers, suppliers, employees and partners in real-time. Jagged Peak’s multi-channel, multi-enterprise EDGE software solution provides a comprehensive, integrated platform of e-business commerce management tools that support a broad range of business-to-business, business-to-internal, and business-to-consumer applications. EDGE facilitates internal and external ECM transactions between vendors, customers, suppliers, and other parties. EDGE is also vendor independent and will work with legacy programs as well as most common ECP, SCE, and CRM systems. In addition to a traditional software license sales model, Jagged Peak offers customers its software with a flexible managed services transaction based pricing model.

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