Dr. Notes

Dr. Notes is a private healthcare technology company that has developed a proprietary clinical management application software solution, known as Dr. Notes™, which creates an electronic medical record for every patient visit in any healthcare setting. Dr. Notes™ is an Electronic Medical Record, or EMR, system that saves the physicians time from their current methods of handwriting and dictating. Dr. Notes’ unique software not only allows for more efficient and compliant documentation of the patient-physician encounter but also provides for better clinical tracking and patient monitoring than any paper or template based system. The Dr. Notes™ program differs from competitive offerings with its proprietary “Document by Exception” architecture and relational database capability as well as in its clinical content, which supplies a uniform data set for 28 medical specialties. The company’s customers are primarily physicians and other healthcare professionals, including clinics, HMO’s, surgical centers, hospitals, and other healthcare participants.

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