Dattoli Cancer Center

The Dattoli Cancer Center has the singular goal of treating and curing its patients’ prostate cancer without damaging their lifestyles. The center offers an alternative to prostate surgery with an unmatched combination of leading-edge diagnostic and treatment technology including 3-D Color-Flow Doppler Ultrasound, Helical CT Imaging, Varian IG-IMRT Radiation Therapy with SonArray Ultrasound Guided Positioning, Theraseed Palladium-103 Brachytherapy and Dynamic Biological Adaptive Fusion capabilities. The center boasts the longest standing and largest study in existence (now 16 years) of non-surgical prostate cancer treatment results which makes the Dattoli Cancer Center the top choice for men from around the world.


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placement of two senior debt facilities
The undersigned acted as the financial advisor to Dattoli Cancer Center & Brachytherapy Research Institute for these transactions.
Hyde Park Capital