Broadband Investment Fuels Desirable Telecom Services Industry

Broadband Investment Fuels Desirable Telecom Services Industry

Trends & Opportunities The telecommunication’s industry is ripe for industry consolidation as interest in the space continues to intensify. Driven by the shift towards high-margin data services, the adoption of 5G networks is taking center stage in the telecom environment, as the industry begins to move away from traditional products, such as voice connectivity. Significant […]

Market Insights: Physician Practice Management

Physician Practice Management Insights Blog

Healthcare dealmaking shows no signs of slowing down coming off a robust M&A market in 2022. In an effort to keep our clients informed, Hyde Park Capital recently compiled a report featuring key insights for physician practice management M&A, healthcare market transactions and more. Below are some of the highlights. Top Healthcare Market Observations: Healthcare reform, […]

Marketing Industry M&A Outlook

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Despite an overall sluggish close to 2022, marketing industry mergers and acquisitions have largely continued unabated. Sellers were motivated by higher multiples and strong optimism in the market as strategic and financial buyers continue to seek organic and inorganic growth through the acquisition of digital marketing firms. To expand its digital capabilities in cloud services, […]

Cybersecurity M&A Booming Despite Turbulent Economy

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The shift to remote work has seen a major increase in malware, ransomware, and other malicious attacks that keep cybersecurity firms thriving. As a result, the market has seen a major increase in cybersecurity M&A activity. And it doesn’t show signs of stopping. Virtually Bullet-Proof During a Recession As a whole, the cybersecurity industry has […]

The value of hiring an investment bank to sell your business

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As a successful business owner, you’ve no doubt worked very hard to build your company. That’s why when the times comes to sell, you want to make absolutely sure that everything is done right. Many owners are tempted to go it alone. No one knows your business better than you, right?  But we believe that’s […]

Industrial Services Sector Showcases Resiliency, Despite Lasting Pandemic Impacts

Industrial Services

Last year, the U.S. Industrial Services sector faced significant challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. This year the situation has begun to improve, but uncertainty in the market remains as dealmakers are faced with several lasting impacts. Many consumers made large purchases with the stimulus and savings accumulated during the pandemic, making the supply and […]

Why Consolidation in Home Health Care is Critical in Keeping Patients and Profits Healthy

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The home health care industry is going through a transformation. Not only is it getting smaller—with the number of independent agencies decreasing every year since 2015—but it’s also getting stronger. A Changing Landscape Consolidation can sound like a dirty word, conjuring up images of hatchet men and corporate raiders. But in the home health care market, […]

2022 M&A Outlook: The Good Keeps Going

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Signs point to another strong year for M&A By all accounts, it was a banner year for M&A in 2021. All-time records were smashed, with global value surpassing $5 trillion for the very first time. Do we believe that hot streak will continue? Or will we find ourselves in a ’what comes up, must go […]

Thinking of Selling Your Company? Here’s Why You Should Hire an Advisor

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No matter how far along you may be in the deal process—whether you are just considering your options or actively evaluating an offer—hiring an investment bank can add a great deal of value beyond sourcing potential buyers. Our team can help ensure the transaction truly meets your goals and gets you your best deal and […]

5 Key Deal Points for Sellers in an M&A Transaction


There is a lot more than purchase price that is involved when selling your company. We often talk with our sell-side clients about 5 key points of consideration that are involved in an M&A transaction.  These points include purchase price, structure, terms, fit and certainty of close. 1. Purchase Price. Purchase Price is the most […]

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Investing

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It pays to do the right thing Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) investing, or impact investing, is an increasingly popular way to put your money to work while making a positive impact on the world around you. More and more, investors are choosing to diversify their portfolios with clean, sustainable investments—and for good reason. It’s […]

Getting More Out of PPM Transactions

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HPC has become a recognized leader in the PPM space The dedicated healthcare specialists at Hyde Park Capital have vast experience representing owners of medical practices looking to sell an interest in their organization, create a new partnership or undergo other strategic transactions. Our healthcare team specializes in Physician Practice Management (PPM), having completed numerous […]

5 Things You Should Know About Selling Your Company

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Selling a company you put your heart, soul, and many years building, is not something that happens quickly. When the time does come around, the process may take longer and be more challenging than you expected. Even overwhelming and emotional. Below are five key points that help guide you towards optimizing both your Company’s valuation […]