Thinking of Selling Your Company? Here’s Why You Should Hire an Advisor

No matter how far along you may be in the deal process—whether you are just considering your options or actively evaluating an offer—hiring an investment bank can add a great deal of value beyond sourcing potential buyers. Our team can help ensure the transaction truly meets your goals and gets you your best deal and that you don’t save an investment banking fee yet leave a significant amount of money on the table.

Here are four reasons to hire an investment banker when considering a sale of your business:

1.   Access and evaluate a wider breadth of options
2.  Dial in your goals and ensure the deal terms align with your needs
3.  Reduce risk
4.  Get your best deal

Access and evaluate a wider breadth of options

Our team at Hyde Park Capital is well versed on all potential deal structures and buyer types and can help an owner weigh the pros and cons of the various sale options. We also create a competitive dynamic among buyers. Whether the optimal route is to sell to a strategic buyer, private equity firm, or to existing management through a management buyout, our team can garner a variety of offers from potential buyers and break down the nuances of each.

Dial in your goals and ensure the deal terms align with your needs

Beyond bringing the best potential buyers to the table, we also help owners clarify their goals and develop a process that aligns with the needs of the seller.

Financial considerations are obviously important factors, but we also take care to consider the non-financial aspects of a deal, such as the owner’s future role in the business and their legacy, or how the company will be structured following their departure. As the seller, you’re the expert in your business and we have bankers whose expertise matches or even exceeds the potential buyer’s knowledge in the corresponding M&A market – meaning you have access to the best information available on deal structure, terms, and best practices.

Reduce risk

Our disciplined transaction management process helps our clients close deals efficiently and effectively and creates a sense of urgency. Upfront organization of data and the investment narrative is critical to managing execution risk and has a highly reputable and selective our involvement signal seriousness of intent and a high quality opportunity to potential buyers. Even after receiving an offer, we understand that a disciplined timeline is the most critical factor in driving the deal to closing. We have the experience and skillset to hold the buyer accountable to an appropriate and market-based level of due diligence.

Get your best deal

Investment banks seek to maximize deal economics by driving engagement with potential buyers and managing the competitive deal processes. It is essential for an investment bank to have a deep network of buyer relationships to source the right types of interested parties. Working with a team that has relationships and experience with various buyers and deal structures can help owners better understand the true value of their business and the best path for the transaction.

A valuable resource at a critical time

Hyde Park Capital is one of the most active investment banking firms in Florida and the Southeast. Hyde Park Capital has broad deal experience developed over many years across multiple industries, including technology, healthcare, business services, industrials, consumer, and financial services companies. Our senior bankers are highly experienced, and our network of potential corporate and financial buyers, institutional investors and other capital providers is extensive. Whether you need merger & acquisition, capital raising or financial advisory services, Hyde Park Capital is your trusted solution. If you are interested in learning more, don’t hesitate to contact us today.